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32 Reasons Why You Must Try Tavern 101

We're often on the lookout for good places to eat, drink, and hang out. Today, we found a spot right off the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills. It's called Tavern 101.

Here are 32 Reasons why you must try Tavern 101!

1. 30 Craft Beers on Tap!

2. Amazing Food

3. Live Jazz and Blues

Upon arrival, we spoke to Marco Gonzalez, the owner. He has an extensive culinary background which spans several decades.

Marco has won many 1st prizes in BBQ competitions such as Babyback Reno and The Kansas City Royal BBQ. He's also highly acclaimed in Chili Pepper Magazine - This guy really knows his BBQ!

Aside from being such a passionate BBQ Chef, his vision for Tavern 101 was to simply create an American Grill, not limited to BBQ.

Being an American Grill, Tavern 101's menu has all kinds of great items. Sandwiches, salads, burgers, Prime Rib, and much more (all the right stuff).

We tried the delicious 'Tavern Burger' which was amazingly put together with hot links on top and sweet potato fries on the side. The Mac & Cheese was great and we couldn't leave it alone.

Overall, we were really impressed by the food, it was gourmet level quality, yet reasonably priced. We also noticed four bottles of BBQ Sauce on the table "Mild, Spicy, Turbo, Nitro", for the BBQ Enthusiast.

This is obviously a place where food is taken very seriously, and we like that. We like that a lot.

The friendly service was excellent; and the waitress was always around to make sure we enjoyed our experience. We also noticed that Marco has a great relationship with his customers, as does his staff. This is the kind of place where they'll remember your name - and even your drink.

Speaking of drinks, they have an elaborate menu of beers to try out: 30 Beers on tap! They also make great cocktails and martinis which we highly recommend.

We'll be back here next time for Breakfast on the Weekends. Friday and Saturday nights there are some amazing Jazz and Blues musicians that play on the outdoor patio. There's a cozy fire pit, and plenty of seating to enjoy the intimate showcase of talent. Tavern has quite the reputation for live music as well.

We were not surprised to find that Tavern 101 has a Fantastic 4-Star rating on Yelp, which you don't see too often for most restaurants and bars. Tavern has been building a loyal customer base due to it's amazing food, great service, reasonable prices, and wide selection of drinks.

Tavern 101 isn't located on a busy corner, but it's actually very easy to find. Simply exit the 101 Freeway at Kanan Rd, then follow Roadside Drive East, driving alongside the freeway. You'll run right into it!

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Tavern 101 Bar & Grill
28434 Roadside Dr.
Agoura, CA 91301
(818) 991-7227

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